Tenant Referencing

Tenant Referencing and what you need to know

Importance Of References

For landlords and estate agents such as Sturstons, carrying out the correct and proper referencing is the most effective way to make sure that the prospective tenants is a suitable candidate for renting the property in question. Renting or entering a house share in Lewisham means references are a key element to consider for landlords who want to minimise any problems with tenants. References can take many forms such as landlord referencing from previous properties, credit checks and tenant affordability. Though landlords and estate agents can refuse a tenant due to poor references or credit checks, they are not able to make decisions based on a tenants’ age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity or other personal traits.

Rent A Room Vs Flat Vs House Share

There are a range of offerings with Sturstons Estate Agents across south east London. Whether you are seeking a room for one, an entire flat or to enter into a house share, Lewisham and the surrounding area is packed with a huge variety of options in terms of property to move into.   Renting a room is great for single people who feel comfortable sharing a space with others and who do not need too much space for themselves. What’s more, renting a single room in a home is often cheaper than renting an entire flat.   For those with a family or for whom personal space is high on the list of desirables, a flat in Lewisham or south east London can be a great option. Though pricier than a room, Sturstons offer some great deals on whole flats to rent and these properties come in a range of sizes and to suit a wide variety of budgets.   A house share on the other hand is when two or more people enter a home together and agree to sign an agreement between them. This differs from renting a room in a flat because the entire flat will be the responsibility of all parties included in the house share agreement. This is often a great choice for couples or friends looking to spend some time living together under one roof.

Questions To Ask A Landlord Or Estate Agent At A Viewing

Remember, when seeking to rent a property in Lewisham or anywhere in south east London for that matter, there are some key questions to ask at a viewing. Rental rates and dates, bills and council tax queries and contractual questions are key to consider during a viewing and asking the right person will make the process of renting much smoother on the whole.   Also, minimising any issues with regard to the property itself is an essential step. Be sure to inquire regarding the neighbors, policies regarding pets and redecoration and any other issues you may foresee with regard to the property.   Overall, renting can be a great option for tenants in Lewisham and across south east London. Sturstons offer a safe, efficient way to rent in this area of London whilst their agents will be only too happy to address any queries such as those covered in this article.

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