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When it comes to choosing a quality property management service in Lewisham and across south east London, Sturstons Estate Agents provide a comprehensive service for landlords.

Whether you are seeking an actor to take the reins entirely or simply require a little help with managing your property, using a property management service for landlords is a surefire way to take away the stresses of the role.

In short, a property management service should help to find suitable tenants for your property, collect the rent on the specified days and also ensure that the property is well maintained in compliance with all requisite rules and regulations.

In a city like London that is packed with professionals seeking quality, well-managed property to let, landlords should have no issue finding a willing tenant for their property as long as it is well maintained.

Sturstons Estate Agents takes the weight off the shoulders of the landlord and finds tenants for you, taking care of all necessary paperwork, collecting rent and more.

In this article, we will take a closer look at property management for landlords in south east London with Sturstons. We will consider the core elements of what makes a good property management service before progressing onto the process of selecting an estate agent and the various levels of service on offer. Finally, we will look into the essential steps of finding property management.

So, without further ado, let’s first take a peek at what is it that makes a good property management service, from the experience to attentiveness, there are certain attributes that you just can’t do without and which Sturstons have in spades!

What Makes A Good Property Management Service

When it comes to choosing a property management service for your south east London premises, there are a few core concepts that should feature foremost in your mind.

The first thing that landlords need to be aware of is the importance of hiring an experienced property management service in Lewisham. Certainly, you should be looking at the number of properties recently taken on by the agency, as well as their understanding of all local law and rules that will or may be applied to your property. Furthermore, hiring an experienced property management service will mean that your worries around basic errors or lapses of judgement will be minimised, as experienced operators have a thorough understanding of what is required.

Second, a property management service in south east London with high-end customer support is also high on the list of desirables when it comes to selecting a property management service for landlords. This can be said because, if anything should go wrong, you always want the company to be available to solve the issue as quickly and efficiently as possible. Make no mistake, property letting can be a difficult and stress-inducing business and so having a high-quality customer service operator to help is key. Patient behaviour from the property manager should always be a priority, whilst being a great listener and general communicator should always feature high on the list of property management attributes. Whether it is to get work done on the property or deal with tenants causing issues, a quality customer support skill set is key.

Third in our list of what makes for good property management in Lewisham is respect. This is a concept that goes both ways. Of course, the company should always respect all parties including landlord, tenants and even contractors hired to work on the property. At Sturstons, respect is a top priority and so this is never something to worry about.

On the flipside, commanding respect as a property manager is also essential to ensure the smooth operation of the tenancy. Whether it is chasing up a late payment from the tenants or ensuring that any contractors are working efficiently and to the specified terms of their agreement, a property manager does need to behave assertively from time to time in order to make sure that the property is well-managed. Of course, this should always be done with the utmost professionalism and can be a deft balancing act. Fortunately, Sturstons are deeply experienced in exactly this.

The final yet perhaps key element of a top property management company is the ability to communicate effectively. Top managers should always be masterful in both verbal and written forms of communication, whether this is simply a phone call with the landlord or a formal email to tenants. Clarity is key when it comes to communicating as a property manager, with all parties involved needing to be informed of what exactly the requirements are on all sides regarding the property. From contractors to tenants to landlords, a top property management company needs to maintain a high standard of communication throughout their dealings in order for the situation to run smoothly and positively for all involved.

Choosing An Agent

In terms of selecting a property management company in Lewisham or across south east London, there are a few things to look out for that will be sure to help you with your search. First of all, you will want to consider the benefits and negatives of going with either a small or large company.

Now, the obvious positives to going with a big name property management company is the esteem and security that comes with this. Oftentimes, the big companies can guarantee a fair way of operating that deals with your property in a professional manner thanks to plenty of resources at hand and usually years of experience. On the other hand, big companies in property management in south east London tend to charge more than competitors, citing their reputation as a key reason for this. What’s more, these companies often are unable to provide their undivided attention to landlords or even tenants because of the sheer size of their company. They may have so many properties on file that getting to yours is just going to take that bit longer, something that can be very frustrating for landlords and tenants alike.

Now, if we take a look at using a smaller property management company, there are also several positives and negatives to consider. Whilst the issue of experience can sometimes be an issue with using smaller companies, often these boutique agencies have been in action for many years yet simply prefer to stay small. This is something that can be researched if the size of a company is an issue. Indeed, smaller property management companies in south east London often provide very competitive rates and their attention to detail is usually second to none because they have more time to deal with your property.

The Various Levels Of Service

When it comes to securing property management in Lewisham for landlords, it is worth considering that there are many levels of service on offer. Not all property management services are fully comprehensive and this can change the rates you might pay.

Yet first let’s consider the fully inclusive form of property management, which is the most popular as it takes almost all of the onus off the shoulders of the landlord. This form of service deals with everything from finding tenants to collecting rent to organising maintenance when necessary. Of course, this is also the most expensive form of property management and so this is something that should be considered when finding a new company to use for property management in south east London.

Other forms of property management include rent collection only, in which the company is simply in charge of securing the rent on the correct day of each month. In this type of agreement, the company will take care of any chasing up that may be necessary when tenants refuse to pay or simply fail to process the transaction on the agreed date.

Finally, landlords in Lewisham can request a tenant finding service only. In this form of management, the company just finds suitable tenants for a property, taking care of the contracts and such before leaving the landlord and tenants to organise rent payments and maintenance between themselves.

Clearly, there are a range of levels of service available and coming to the form that best suits your needs will be a big part of any decision in property management. Naturally, non-comprehensive forms of property management are cheaper and prices can vary widely.

Steps To Finding Property Management

Finally, let’s take a closer look at steps to finding property management. Now that we have covered what you should be looking for in effective property management in Lewisham and across south east London, we can study the means by which you can identify the best company for your needs.

A rental valuation should be at the forefront of your thinking as a landlord. This is when a property management company sends out a professional to value your property according to the current rental market. This may be higher or lower than you were hoping to obtain and it is the agents’ job to listen to any issues you may have and explain their valuation.

Other elements of finding property management include asking the correct questions of the agency such as what their different services are, what these include and also the costs that this might involve. Be sure to look into any potential company licensing and accreditations before proceeding with a given agency. You should consider using an agency that uses the government approved consumer redress scheme PRS, which is used by property agents to add value and a sense of safety for customers.

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