Guide To Renting For Tenants

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Guide to Renting for Tenants

When it comes to finding a new home to rent, there are a range of issues that potential tenants will need to remain aware of.

 With Sturstons Estate agents, tenants can rest assured that their search for places to rent in Lewisham will be conducted carefully, safely and efficiently.

 In this article, we will take a closer look at the essential elements to be aware of when it comes to renting for tenants looking for a house share in south east London with Sturstons Estate agents.

 From the importance of safety for tenants in Lewisham to the importance of references, we will take a close look at the process of renting for tenants.

Staying Safe

It is important to remember that there are a range of elements tenants looking to rent in Lewisham and across south east London need to be aware of.

One of the most common ways in which tenants get burnt is through falling for excessively low rent prices. Often, when a property is advertised at a price much lower than others similar in the same area, the chances are that there is foul play at hand. A good rule of thumb for places to rent in Lewisham is to check out others similar properties for rent.

Another key thing to consider is visiting a property prior to agreeing to any tenancy. When renting in south east London, house shares and private properties alike should be viewed prior to agreements being signed. Always bear in mind that when a landlord or agent refuses to show you a property for viewing then this is a telltale sign of something being wrong.

When you do go to meet a landlord or agent, research their company before going and make sure to ask to see proof of ownership or a contract of some sort.

Another important thing to bear in mind when seeking to rent a property in Lewisham is to ask a lot of questions. All the most important elements should be known by estate agents and landlords alike, with issues surrounding property age, bills and other costs essential.

Another important thing to remember when looking to stay safe is to keep hold of your money until the requisite checks have been made. Sturstons and other top estate agents for property rental in south east London always recommend that cash payments are made only when there are witnesses and a contract. Furthermore, all sensitive personal information should be shared only once the correct safety steps have been taken, whilst the internet is never the best environment for sending data and other sensitive information.

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Asking The Right Questions

When looking to enter a house share in Lewisham or indeed if you are seeking any other property arrangement in south east London, it is vital to ask either the landlord or agency the right questions.

One of the most difficult elements to consider when it comes to safety in renting for tenants is the deposit. According to law, all deposits need to be made into a government sponsored scheme. Sturstons Estate Agents and other top operators in the world of Lewisham and south east London property rental always ensure that tenants’ deposits are kept in secure schemes. To stay safe when renting, make sure you consider whether or not the landlord or agency you are dealing with holds deposits in a secure manner.

Is it also worth asking about the bills and how much they tend to be, as well as when you will need to pay them. The cost of bills can come as a surprise to those of us renting a property in Lewisham and so asking during a viewing or at least prior to signing any contracts makes sure that any unwelcome shocks are kept to a minimum.

Furthermore, another incredibly important question to ask when renting as a tenant is the council tax cost for the area in question. Due to the wide variation in rates, council tax can differ depending on where in Lewisham or south east London you want to rent a property or move into a houseshare.

Another key issue to ask as a tenant is to make sure local amenities include everything you need. Of course, ensuring that there are local stores in walking or at least driving distance is essential, whilst extras such as eateries, bars and gyms are also high on many tenants’ prospective amenities. Other tenants look for a park in the local area, especially important for those with small children or pets, whilst quality schools and leisure facilities are also key issues to consider for anybody seeking to rent in Lewisham and beyond.

Other important questions to ask before moving into a property of any type is what the neighbours are like. Now, of course the landlord or agent will be reluctant to tell prospective tenants that the next door neighbours are noisy or troublesome, but simply getting an idea of their occupation, age and other factors can help to make an informed decision. Also, make sure to ask about the length of the contract being offered and whether the cost of monthly rent stays the same if the contract is extended or whether there is a clause stating that it will increase.

Costs tend to form the basis for most questions and the top ones to consider asking include how much the deposit will be and when it is due. Other important things to consider is when the rent is due as well as the preferred form of payment, be this online bank transfer or another method. Tenants seeking places to rent in Lewisham and other areas of London should also think about whether they want to ask about policies on pets, redecorating the property as a tenant and also energy efficiency ratings for the property. The day of bin collection is a little remembered question that could be a very important thing to know!

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