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Sturstons is a well established local independent estate agent offering services in Deptford. We specialise in residential sales, lettings, property management, HMOs and Guaranteed Rents.

We understand that selling your property can be a stressful and emotional experience, which is why we provide our sellers with tailor-made marketing strategies to attain the most suitable timeframe and best possible price.

Our lettings and property management team caters to new landlords, experienced investors, and everyone in between. We offer traditional lettings packages, as well as a guaranteed rent scheme that provides complete peace of mind for Deptford landlords.

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Estate Agency Services in SE8

Residential Sales

Our residential sales service offers a seamless and efficient process for selling your property.


Our residential lettings service provides comprehensive support for landlords seeking to rent out their properties.

Property Management

Our property management service offers landlords a hassle-free experience in overseeing their properties.

HMO Management

We handle HMO management, including compliance with licensing, tenant vetting, rent collection, maintenance, and regular inspections.

Guaranteed Rent

Our guaranteed rent service provides landlords with a reliable and consistent rental income, regardless of property occupancy.

Mortgage Services

Our comprehensive mortgage service caters to both buyers and landlords, ensuring they receive tailored solutions to meet their unique needs.

Deptford Area

Deptford, located in the vibrant borough of Lewisham in South East London, boasts a rich and storied history that dates back centuries. Originally a small fishing village along the River Thames, Deptford’s strategic location made it a bustling maritime hub during the 16th century, playing a pivotal role in England’s naval expansion. It was here that the renowned explorer Sir Francis Drake was knighted aboard the Golden Hind, a historic event that has left an indelible mark on the area.

Today, Deptford has transformed into a diverse and dynamic community, known for its artistic flair, cultural diversity, and a thriving arts scene. The neighbourhood is a haven for creatives, with numerous galleries, studios, and theatres showcasing local talent. Its vibrant market, historic buildings, and proximity to Greenwich and the Thames River make it a sought-after place to live. Deptford offers a unique blend of history and modernity, creating a distinctive and exciting environment for those looking to call it home.

Explore Prime Locations With Estate Agents Deptford

Moving to Deptford holds a unique appeal for those seeking a neighborhood that combines history, culture, and a burgeoning creative scene, and estate agents in Deptford can be your trusted guides in this vibrant community. Located in the London Borough of Lewisham, Deptford has a rich maritime history, evident in its picturesque waterfront and historic sites like Deptford Dockyard and St. Nicholas’ Church. In recent years, it has experienced a cultural renaissance, with art galleries, music venues, and independent shops flourishing. The lively Deptford Market Yard offers a diverse culinary experience, reflecting the area’s multicultural atmosphere. Estate agents in Deptford are well-versed in the neighborhood’s diverse housing options, making it an appealing choice for those who appreciate a blend of heritage and modernity, as well as access to the vibrant creative energy that defines this unique corner of London.

Questions to Ask Your Estate Agents Deptford

  • How long have you been working as an estate agent?
  • What’s your familiarity with the local housing market and trends in this area?
  • How do you plan to market my property and attract potential buyers?

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Why move to Deptford?

There are several compelling reasons to live in Deptford.

Deptford, a hidden gem in London, boasts a plethora of attractions that make it an enticing place to live. One of its main draws is the historic Deptford Market, a bustling marketplace where you can find everything from fresh produce to vintage treasures. The Albany, a renowned performing arts venue, hosts a variety of cultural events and performances. Deptford’s proximity to Greenwich means residents can easily explore the Royal Observatory, the Cutty Sark, and the stunning Greenwich Park. Moreover, the area’s thriving art scene is exemplified by the abundance of galleries, such as the Deptford Foundry, making it a vibrant and inspiring place for artists and art enthusiasts alike.

In terms of transport links and infrastructure, Deptford is exceptionally well-connected. The Deptford railway station provides easy access to central London, with direct connections to London Bridge and Cannon Street. The nearby Surrey Quays and Canada Water stations offer access to the London Overground and Jubilee Line, further enhancing connectivity. Future developments, such as the Bakerloo Line extension, promise even greater accessibility. The ongoing regeneration projects, like the Deptford Creek Bridge, aim to improve connectivity within the neighbourhood and provide a greener, more pedestrian-friendly environment. All these factors make Deptford an appealing choice for those seeking a balanced urban lifestyle, combining cultural richness with excellent transport links and exciting infrastructure developments.

House prices in Deptford

Over the years, Deptford has experienced a notable and steady increase in house prices, largely attributed to its excellent transport links and growing popularity. The neighbourhood’s strategic location, with its proximity to central London and easy access to major transportation hubs like London Bridge and Canary Wharf, has made it a prime choice for commuters. As the demand for convenient city living has surged, so too has the appeal of Deptford. Its vibrant arts scene, cultural diversity, and the charm of its historic streets have attracted a diverse array of residents, from young professionals to families. This rising popularity, coupled with ongoing infrastructure developments, has fuelled a consistent upward trajectory in house prices, making Deptford not only a smart investment but also an increasingly desirable place to call home.

Properties in and around Deptford Bridge had an overall average price of £436,724 over the last year.

As you explore the Deptford housing market, you’ll find a mix of property types, from Victorian houses to modern apartments. The diversity of housing options caters to a wide range of budgets and preferences.

Explore more on house prices in Deptford house prices database.

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